How can Bihar be Industrialised

Prashant Kishor speaks on how he plans to fund Bihar's Industrialisation

The Vision of Jan Suraaj

The Vision of Jan Suraaj

One of the leading states in post-independence India, during the 50s, Bihar is now the poorest and most backward state in the country. Challenges like poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and corruption are wreaking havoc on the people. It is now time for the situation to change and for the betterment of people’s lives, time for radical change in the socio-political ecosystem of Bihar. With this resolve & to make Bihar one of the top 10 states in the country over the next 10 years, the Jan Suraaj initiative will connect the right people of society and through a collective effort with the right thinking, attempt to create an ecosystem that enables change of power to become a means of change of system in the truest sense.

Jan Suraaj Padyatra

There are 3 primary objectives of the Padyatra:

1. To identify the right people at the grassroot-level with the help of society and endeavour to provide them a democratic platform.

2. To better understand the local problems and opportunities and on this basis, list the priorities of the towns and panchayats to prepare a blueprint for their development.

3. To prepare a vision document for the next 15 years in 10 important fields of Bihar’s overall progress such as education, health, employment, economy, development, agriculture, industry and social justice, based on the suggestions of experts and the people.

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